Outreach Opportunities

Far Rockaway Mission
Bayside UMC supports The United Methodist Center at Far Rockaway, New York with our on-going food drive. Donations should be placed in the shopping cart which is found each Sunday just outside the back of the sanctuary.The Far Rockaway Mission is more than just food.  It is hot lunches Monday through Friday for 135 homeless, poor and those in need of temporary assistance.  It is pantry bags for 180 patrons per week.  It is a new breakfast program.  Food and cash donations are needed to make this an ongoing program.  The mission also provides support for job training referrals and temporary housing.  A worship service is provided on Sundays along with a hot meal for those that attend. In addition to all kinds of nonperishable food items, you can donate paper products such as plates, napkins, hot & cold cups, latex gloves, hair nets and gently used, clean clothing in children's and adult sizes.
Ending Deaths from Malaria
Imagine No Malaria is a United Methodist organization that is working along side several other international organizations with the goal of eliminating deaths from malaria world-wide.  Malaria is a devastating illness transmitted by mosquito bites. It currently claims a life in Africa every 60 seconds. Sadly, the great majority of these deaths are children under the age of five.On Saturday, June 4th, we had our 2016 Change the World fundraiser for Imagine No Malaria. The event consisted of a yard sale of rummage, baked goods and grilled food, and was accompanied by some live music.  We had a great time and raised $3,000.00 toward the effort of ending deaths from malaria world-wide.  This money is being used by Imagine No Malaria to  buy and distribute enough insect repellent-treated bed nets to protect families in Africa from mosquitoes that carry malaria. This kind of event needs a lot of early planning and a lot of participation. We need lots of volunteers to provide rummage, baked goods and food to grill, help set up the event and clean up afterwards, and help sell merchandise. This is a great outreach opportunity.  If you are interested in helping with this annual fundraiser, please contact the church office.

Serve at Bayside

Use the gifts and talents that God has blessed you with to contribute right here at Bayside United Methodist Church. Below you will find some examples of opportunities to do so.
Readers, Greeters and Ushers
If you are interested in serving as a scripture reader during worship services, or as a greeter or an usher, please speak with Reverend Wendler or contact the church office at 718-229-4024. We ask that you consider making this commitment, and we express our thanks to all who have already volunteered.
We encourage you to join the church choir.  The choir meets every Sunday during the fall, winter and spring, before the worship service. Anyone who is interested in joyfully proclaiming our faith with song can see our music director, Kevin Winebold after the service, or you can call the church office at 718-229-4024 for more information.
Fellowship Hour Hosting
Most Sundays we have a fellowship hour with coffee and light refreshments immediately after the worship service. This is a great opportunity to connect with others. If you would like to host a fellowship hour, please speak with Edward Surujbali or Reverend Wendler, or call the the church office at 718-229-4024.
Musicians and Singers
If you are interested in forming a worship band or collaborating in other ways with our church musicians and singers, please speak with our music director, Kevin Winebold or with Bennett Murray (
Website and Facebook
We need motivated novices and experienced people to help with our Internet presence. Developing and managing a great Internet presence requires a team of people with diverse skills and interests. Besides website management, if you have an interest in graphic arts, photography or making videos, we could certainly use your help. If you want to get involved and help with our Facebook page or this website, please contact the church office at 718-229-4024 (
Children's and Youth Ministries
​If you have a compassionate heart for children or teens this is a great opportunity for you. Children’s and youth ministries are all about guiding young people toward a faith in God that they can communicate and live out their entire lives. Our expanding Sunday School and Youth Group programs need teachers, leaders and assistants to help make the programs great. See Reverend Wendler or call the church office for more information.

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