About Reverend Dr. Jung Ung Moon

Rev. Jung Ung Moon was born in Korea. His religious background is in The Methodist Church. His father was a Deacon in KwangLim Methodist Church, one of the largest Methodist churches in the world. He grew up in The Methodist tradition and became a pastor in KwangLim Church at 2002. He has been a pastor for the last sixteen years. Before he became a pastor, he was a professional Christian musician and choir conductor for ten years. He taught Music Technology and Theory at colleges and at various Performing Arts Conservatories.

Rev. Jung Ung Moon received his Bachelor Degree with high honors and his first Master’s Degree in Music Composition. He created musicals and arranged full scores for Symphony Orchestras in addition to modern Christian Bands and Professional Choirs. He produced four Contemporary Christian Music CDs and ten singles. He worked with the World Vision Choir and Korean National Traditional Orchestra. Rev. Moon has done over ten thousand performances around the world. In addition, he taught at Yonsei University, Chung-Ang University and the Korean Conservatory where he was in charge of the Modern Christian Music Department. During his professional career, God called him as a pastor in 1999. He studied for his Master of Divinity Degree at Torch Trinity University and his Master of Theology at Yonsei University. Most recently he earned a Doctor of Ministry at New York Theological Seminary. His thesis title was, “A Study of Theological Interpretation of Cultural Center in Church for the Local Community.”

In 2004 on invitation of the church, Rev. Jung Ung Moon joined Onnuri Church which has 44,000 Sunday worshippers. His responsibilities include worship planning, young adult ministry and mission. Then he became an ordained pastor. He has organized many international conferences and led over 100 mission trips to the United States, Korea, Japan, China, Cambodia, Jordan and to indigenous people in America, New Zealand and Australia. Since moving to the United States, he has focused on planting a new church.  From the beginning of his faith journey his spiritual roots were in Methodism so he returned to his spiritual home in The United Methodist Church.

Rev. Jung Ung Moon planted a new church, The Shepherd United Methodist Church, in Queens, New York on January 10, 2016. Currently he is the Lead Pastor. The Shepherd UMC collaborates with Bayside UMC which has extensive well located church facilities. The two churches share space, staff and volunteers to the benefit of the community and to the Glory of God. This is a model of the “planting a church within the church” strategy and has proven to be an excellent example of this approach to growing churches. If we want to be a vital church, then we are not only a young church but a balanced church which has all generations in the congregation from newborn babies to senior citizens. Avital church is multi-culture and multi-ethnic. In addition, it must serve the culture of its environment. The ministry of Rev. Jung Ung Moon is dedicated to practice the open hearts, open minds and open doors spirit of John Wesley who preached to the end that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation.

On Sunday, February 19th it was announced to the combined congregations that Rev. Dr. Jung Ung Moon would be appointed Senior Pastor of the Bayside & The Shepherd congregations. He will assume his new duties and responsibilities on July 1st, 2017, the first day of his new adventure in ministry.

Rev. Jung Ung Moon has been married to his first sweetheart, Soo Hyun, for thirteen years. They have two beautiful daughters and reside in Manhattan, New York. Type your paragraph here.

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